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Your 1st Quarter Neighborhood Market Update Vail Valley

By Key To Vail - April 21, 2023



Dramatic Increases Are Expected in The New Property Valuations. Will your taxes increase in kind?

The real property assessment process is the basis for generating property tax revenues that pay for schools, roads, fire protection, police protection, and other local services. All the revenue generated by property taxes stays within Eagle County. Property taxes do not support any state services.

County Assessors in Colorado are charged with reassessing property values in odd numbered years. This year’s reassessments will be sent out via mail by May 1 and also posted on the Eagle County Assessor’s website. The updated assessed value of your property will be based on market values in the 1/1/21 – 6/30/22 timeframe. Even though an 18-month time period of sold properties is used, the Assessor will work to determine value as of June 30, 2022. Over the years, many property owners have contacted us for comparable sales to double check their values.

The comparable sales data can be found HERE on May 1, 2023: Assessor's Data

Keep in mind that values are based on comparable sales, construction quality, square footage, personal property, location, views, as well as amenities. The county can sometimes overlook these qualities in reassessing every property and may use mass generalized appraisal techniques.


If you disagree with the actual value placed on your property, you may present oral or written objections to the assessor. Protests for real property must be postmarked or delivered to the assessor on or before June 8, 2023. The assessor must make a decision on your protest and mail a Notice of Determination to you by the last regular working day in June. Eagle County may elect to extend the Notice of Determination mailing date from the last regular working day in June to August 15th. If you are dissatisfied with the assessor’s decision, you may appeal to the county board of equalization by July 15. The county board conducts hearings through August 5. If the county has opted for the extended appeal

period, you must appeal to the county board by September 15. Under this option, the county board conducts hearings through November 1. The county board must notify you in writing within five business days of the date of its decision. If you are dissatisfied with the county board’s decision, you may appeal to an arbitrator, district court, or the Board of Assessment Appeals within 30 days of the date the decision was mailed.

If you don’t want to handle the appeal process on your own, there are professionals here in Eagle County that will do so for you. Eagle County Tax Appeal, Eagle Apprsisal Group, or Stovall and Associates area few resources.




With Property Fraud On The Rise, Register With Eagle County To Receive Recorded Document Notification.

Real Estate Scams and Fraud are becoming more prevalent. Some properties in Eagle County have been illegally advertised for sale on real estate apps by individuals other than the rightful owners. Scammers use various online real estate marketplace companies and pose as legitimate landlords or property owners. Often the scam involves the request for deposits via wire transfer, money transfer apps, or even gift cards.

To alert residents to potential property fraud, the Office of the Eagle County Clerk and Recorder offers a free Recording Notification Service that will send an email alert to residents when a document, such as a deed or power of attorney, is recorded using a monitored name. With this service, residents can request the monitoring of up to five different names per registered email address. The names registered must match the name (Grantor/Grantee) on the document recorded into public record (e.g. the exact name of the property owner, trust, LLC, etc.). When a document is recorded into the public records using a monitored name, a notice will be sent to the email address under which it was registered. “This service does not prevent a potentially fraudulent document from being recorded,” said Clerk and Recorder Regina O’Brien. “However, it does provide notification that will assist a property owner in taking immediate action. This early warning system is preferable to belatedly discovering fraud months or years later.”

Recorded Document Notifcation Service

And this is the actual LINK.


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